Prendo’s Schola simulation presents participants, typically organised in teams, with a challenging mission. It is an intense, but risk-free experience that will help them develop skills for the challenges below. Schola is available in English and French.
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The Schola simulation is a highly innovative software tool that is used as part of an organised workshop, either in a classroom or in remote format, to deliver an intense experience that helps participants with a wide variety of experience levels to develop skills for dealing with challenges such as planning & controlling projects, and leading responsibly & sustainably.

Schola addresses the following 'specific' leadership challenges

Schola addresses the following 'generic' leadership challenges

Learning outcomes

Participants develop skills in a number of tools and techniques, including:

  • scheduling: critical path analysis, gantt charts
  • project planning & control techniques
  • budgeting & cashflow management
  • earned value management
  • risk management
  • judging time-cost-quality trade-offs
  • decision-making & teamwork in a project scenario
Schola workshop learning objectives video
Why Choose Us

Who is this for?

Schola is regularly used by:

  • project & program managers
  • project controls specialists
  • project team members

as well as Masters/MBAs/EMBAs, and Executives on business school programs

Demo video

Schola demo video

Clients who use Schola include:

Chayet from WUSTL

“Prendo’s Schola and Pactio simulations are excellent tools for students to experience the challenges of dynamically managing a project; I consistently get very positive feedback about the value these simulations add to my courses.”

Sergio Chayet, Professor, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

“We have run the Schola simulation course with hundreds of people from all levels of the Project Management/Project Control organisation, and I am regularly told that this is the best course that any of them have been on.”

Gary Singleton, PM Function, BAE Systems Air

“Our delegates have the opportunity to practice using a range of project management tools and techniques, all in the safety of a simulated environment. They plan and control a whole project in one day which is an efficient and valuable way for them to improve their skills.”

Pamela Swaby, MoJ Project Delivery Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to run a Schola simulation workshop?
A Schola simulation workshop is typically run over a full day, but can also be run for example three consecutive half-days as part of a longer program that mixes theory explanations and practical sessions with the simulation.
What is the role, mission and success measures in the Schola simulation?
You play the role of a project manager, who, in the context of a project to deliver the design of a new school, has been asked to run the project. Success is measured with both the traditional time, cost and quality outcomes, but also by the level of support obtained from the two key stakeholders.
What are the limits on numbers of participants in a Schola simulation workshop?
We recommend that participants be organised in teams of 3 to 5 people, with a minimum of 3 teams and a maximum of 40 teams.

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