Simulation Workshops

Prendo simulation workshops, both onsite and virtual, are run for a variety of purposes, including learning & development, project planning, team-building and assessment.

Prendo has a portfolio of 6 simulations that each cover a different set of leadership topics and skill areas.

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2 men and a woman at a desk


  • leading responsibly & sustainably
Mutari image of business people round table with speech bubbles above them


  • leading change & transformation
  • leading complex projects
image of laptop and phone


  • planning & controlling projects
two men and 1 woman round a table


  • leading complex projects
image of press conference


  • managing crisis scenarios
  • leading responsibly & sustainably
image of a workflow on a projector


  • leading change & transformation
  • making innovation happen

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Workshops can be run for a broad range of class sizes, in a variety of time and location formats.

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Prendo provides its clients with access to the simulation software and a variety of associated tools, facilitation, training and support services.

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