Why Prendo

Prendo Simulations was founded in 1998.

Its first client was the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, for whom Prendo developed a simulation to help them implement a global corporate responsibility initiative.

Since then, Prendo has been building its pioneering simulation portfolio, often in partnership with thought leaders from leading business schools and industry, and delivering thousands of simulation workshops around the world.

Prendo is radically improving the effectiveness of leadership development, because…

Prendo and its clients have run 6 0 2 1 workshops in 6 7 countries

We have run thousands of simulation workshops

Prendo and its clients have run thousands of simulation workshops over the last 20 years, and have gathered feedback from tens of thousands of participants from around the world. This feedback is essential for optimising the learning experiences and finding the right balance in the simulations between realism, complexity and usability.
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We are experts in a combination of disciplines

Prendo simulations are developed by a multi-disciplinary team, with expertise in management topics, learning science, software programming, algorithms & modelling, and interface design. This team works with both thought leaders from the world’s leading business schools, and industry practitioners. Simulations have been co-authored with professors from INSEAD, Wharton and MIT. Prendo’s management team, based in the UK and France, has 20 years of experience in developing and facilitating advanced leadership simulations.
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Our solution is a true innovation

In contrast to many so-called "simulations" that are just a façade to a multiple choice quiz, or a simple algorithm with formulaic right and wrong answers, Prendo’s pioneering simulations model the unpredictable human dynamics and ambiguous nature of leadership challenges and the corresponding ‘no right answer’ lessons. Prendo simulations provide highly realistic virtual environments that allow participants to experience the challenges and practise the relevant skills.
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