The challenge of... making innovation happen

Innovation is crucial to the ongoing success of any organisation; organisations that do not innovate lose customers, lose market share and ultimately disappear. The easy part is coming up with a clever new product, service or process. In other words, creating the innovation. The hard part is convincing others (i.e. stakeholders) to provide the support, ideas, people and finance needed to implement the innovation. In other words, making the innovation happen.

Organisations often articulate their approach to this challenge as…

  • managing innovation / innovation management
  • change and innovation
  • approach to innovation
  • innovation strategy
  • building support for an innovation
  • realising innovation
  • bringing about innovation
  • digital innovation
  • product development process
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Defining a stakeholder

“Innovation” can be defined as “a new idea, method, or device : novelty.”

It also referred to as “the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services.”

Examples of stakeholders
  • organisational inertia
  • resistance to change
  • failure to get key people on board
  • fear of the unknown
  • not listening to the customers
  • misunderstanding market needs

Real world challenges

Prendo’s customers face many challenging situations when making innovation happen:

This innovation would have saved the company, if only the members of the board had backed it
I don’t understand why they can’t see that this innovation is the future of the company
We come up with more innovative ideas than our competitors but they are more successful in the marketplace
We need to continuously innovate in order to survive
We are surrounded by innovation: business innovation, strategic innovation, technological innovation, but we don’t know how to realise the benefits of innovation
To develop a new product, and successfully manage a new product introduction, requires innovation not just in the product itself, but in the process of introduction

Advanced simulations can help leaders address these real world challenges

At Prendo, we believe that the complex skills and deep understanding that are needed for making innovation happen are best developed with advanced simulations that provide accelerated experiential learning and the opportunity to explore the underlying cause and effect models.

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Learning to make innovation happen

To address the challenge of making innovation happen, leaders need a combination of skills (know-how) and understanding (know-that), in the same way that the driving test combines the practical and the theory:

leaders need to be able to…

  • maximise stakeholder support for an innovation
  • adapt the innovation itself to improve market fit
  • leverage formal and informal networks
  • develop effective influencing strategies
  • navigate organisational culture & politics
  • be open to new ideas from outside the team

as part of an overall approach to or strategy for making innovation happen

leaders need to understand…

  • that the initial idea may be unsuited to the market
  • what drives stakeholder support for a proposed innovation
  • the stages that target stakeholders go through to reach approval
  • the spectrum of different underlying stakeholder attitudes to change

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