Workshops can be run for a broad range of class sizes, in a variety of time and location formats.

What are the steps to organise a workshop?
The client sends a request to Prendo for a given simulation on a given date (or dates), with an estimated number of participants, explanation of the context, and whether a Prendo facilitator is needed. Prendo sends workshop materials, technical test instructions and passwords to access simulation and report.
Does a workshop need a facilitator?
Prendo simulation workshops need a trained facilitator to debrief the participants' simulation experience; in most cases, the facilitator also introduces the workshop and supports participants during the simulation.
What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?
Participants are normally divided into teams (usually 3-5 participants per team) and workshops can have anything from 2 to 50 teams, so there can be from 6 to 200 participants.
Over what timeframe is a workshop delivered?
A simulation workshop is normally run in a continuous half or full day timeframe, but this time can also be spread across different days or even weeks.
What is the basic sequence of steps in a workshop?
Participants are usually required to do a small amount of pre-workshop preparation, the workshop usually starts with a facilitator led introduction, then the simulation is run in teams, and then there is a group debrief. This sequence is the same for both classroom and virtual workshops.
Where can the participants do the simulation?
Anywhere with an internet connection; in classroom workshops, teams can be all in the same room, or in separate rooms.
Can a simulation workshop be run virtually?
Yes; whilst many simulation workshops are run with the facilitator and all the teams in the same physical location, a simulation workshop can also be be delivered with remote teams and remote facilitation.
What technology is required?
Each team needs an internet connected computer (PC or Mac).
How does the simulation software work?
Each team opens the simulation login page in a web browser, and this connects (with a password) to one of Prendo's servers around the world.
What materials do the participants need?
For each simulation, participants are typically given a small number of documents and worksheets, either on paper or to be downloaded from the online participant guide.