Project management with BAE Systems in Australia

November 1, 2020 | Article by Guy Giffin

BAE Systems is working with the Australian Government on a wide range of sea, air and land defence programs. Prendo’s partner in Australia, Interlink, has recently finished three weeks of delivering simulation based training for BAE Systems, with modules run in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, aimed at helping BAE staff develop their project management skills, using Prendo’s Pactio, Schola and Spatium simulation workshops.

BAE Systems’ training manager commented: “Over 4 intensive days, participants work on 3 projects from start to finish and that’s actually a very novel experience, given the long timescales of many of our real world projects. They get to apply project management theory to these realistic project scenarios, but with absolutely no risk if anything goes wrong. They can accordingly learn from mistakes which don’t cost anything for us, or our client.”



Author: Guy Giffin

Guy is responsible for developing Prendo’s client and partner relationships. Guy’s particular expertise is in the area of managing multiple stakeholder projects, and he has delivered hundreds of simulation workshops on this topic with clients across the globe.