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Ministry of Justice Client Story

The Ministry of Justice’s vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone. In order to have safe and secure prisons, modern courts and tribunals services, and a smaller, smarter department, the MoJ needs to deliver change. Almost all government policy is delivered through projects or programmes and the demand for project professionals has never been higher.

The MoJ is, accordingly, taking steps to professionalise the delivery of change with a dedicated Project Delivery function to raise standards, develop the next generation of Project Delivery professionals, and create an environment that allows projects to get on and deliver.

The Project Delivery function brings together apprentices, fast-streamers and new recruits with experienced project professionals across the department to provide a real focus on developing capability and ensuring that MoJ staff have the right tools, training, support and opportunities to excel at every stage of their career. The MoJ’s Project Delivery Academy is designed to develop its future project leaders and support their learning journey over the course of a year.

Prendo is working with the Ministry of Justice as part of the MoJ’s Project Delivery Academy. Prendo is delivering a series of 1 day simulation workshops based around Prendo’s ‘Spatium’ and ‘Schola’ project simulations.

Trainer Feedback

“Our delegates have the opportunity to practice using a range of project management tools and techniques, all in the safety of a simulated environment. They plan and control a whole project in one day which is an efficient and valuable way for them to improve their skills.”

Pamela Swaby, MoJ Project Delivery Academy