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The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL is an international centre of excellence in the teaching and research of project management and economics.

UCL’s intensive executive development program, the MSc in the Strategic Management of Projects, ‘SMP’, helps participants to develop a critical understanding of the challenges that project executives face in designing and implementing strategy. SMP explores how the Management of Projects approach leads to improved value-creation. Consisting of ten taught modules and a research report, participants learn how to make difficult decisions.

In order to give students intense project management experiences and also immediate feedback on their approach and strategies, the SMP program has been using three of Prendo’s simulations in different modules: MUTARI in the “Tomorrow’s Company” module, SPATIUM in “Governance and Control”, and PACTIO in “Exploring Project Requirements”.

Professor Feedback

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“Prendo’s simulations bring to life just the sort of ambiguous decisions that students face when they get back to the real world. The simulations are a brilliant way of compressing a whole project experience into a few hours, so it’s a very valuable use of the precious classroom time.”

Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou, Director of MSc SMP, UCL

Student Feedback

“The Prendo simulations were amongst the highlights of the whole program; they were by far the best case studies because we not only discussed the cases but we actually “did” them too, and then the detailed feedback about our strategies afterwards was incredibly powerful”

SMP Student 2016