Developed in collaboration with professors from Wharton and Kellogg, Prendo’s Kerovka simulation presents participants with the challenge of managing a time-pressured crisis scenario. It is an intense, but risk-free experience that will help them develop skills in the topic areas below.

Key topics

Kerovka covers these specific topics:
  • crisis management
  • managing trust & reputation
  • stakeholder management
  • responsible leadership
And these generic topics:
  • communication strategy
  • (virtual) teamwork
  • decision making
  • complexity & ambiguity

Learning outcomes

Participants develop a number of skills needed in a crisis situation, including how to:
  • protect shareholder value & corporate reputation
  • quantify stakeholder driven risks & opportunities
  • develop effective communication strategies
  • develop trust with stakeholders
  • adapt to new information and make rapid decisions
  • manage the media

Who is this for?

Kerovka is regularly used by leaders who might be involved in a crisis scenario, including:
  • general managers
  • crisis managers
  • communication managers
  • project & program managers
as well as Masters/MBAs/EMBAs, and Executives on business school programs

Demo video

Clients who use Kerovka include:

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